We are Apple Solution Expert Education certified. We have extensive experience in deploying Apple technology and solutions in schools and universities by providing not only the devices, but coupled with in-house training as well as technical service, which ensures that the educational institution we are partnering with achieves the goals and vision as per the expectations set. Our tailor made solutions to involve Apple trainers and our own Technical Engineers, guarantees that the solution we provide works to integrate the iPad and Mac technology in every classroom environment.

What we do

Hardware & Accessories

We can supply all type of iPad devices, MacBook Pro range of computers, Apple TV, and hard cover cases to safe guard the iPad. Also we offer charging and syncing carts for the iPad so the device is always charged and to complete the setup for a unique classroom experience.


Our consultation services for the curriculum leaders of the school is highly recommended. The ultimate goal of the consultation is to identify how we can help you meet your technology goals and enhance existing teaching and learning process.

Technical Support

All our technicians involved in the setup of the iPad in the classroom environment are trained and certified by Apple. We help integrate Apple technology in the school through our certified engineers and provide the necessary technical assistance and training as well. Our technicians undergo regular Apple training and assessments, so you can be confident you're getting help from qualified and experienced professionals.

Professional Learning

We believe that teachers can make amazing things happen in the classroom, if they are empowered by the right support and training. Want to schedule a training workshop with our Apple authorized trainers? Get in touch with us and find out about our different types of training workshops.

Infrastructure Readiness

While implementing new technology in the classroom can be a very demanding process with lot of difficulties and it is quite time consuming, we can provide all the necessary technical advice on best practices on how to integrate Apple technology within your existing infrastructure seamlessly. Site surveys can be arranged to make sure that the school is ready to accept the additional expansion of new technology.

Educational Solutions

To enhance the learning experience, Apple School Manager is a centralized web-based portal that has everything admins need to setup, configure, manage and deploy your device by using Apple deployment programs while using the Device Enrollment Program and Mobile Device Management solution and ultimately enable the teachers and students in their classroom.

Apple Teacher Bootcamp

Apple Teacher Bootcamp is a free professional learning program designed to support and celebrate educators using Apple products for teaching and learning. The program helps educators build skills on iPad and Mac that directly apply to activities with their students and earn recognition for the new things they learn.

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Classroom Experience

See how the iPads can be integrated into everyday teaching and learning. From planning your lesson and sharing learning activities with your student, collecting evidence of learning and formative assessment from your students. Our Classroom Experience is designed to give you a detailed demonstration of how this cycle is done using the iPad.

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