At MDS CTS our goal is to support our clients. We provide financial leasing services tailored to the specific requirements and opportunities of all sectors. We take pride in offering our customers a reliable and dependable partnership for their leasing needs. We enable small and mid-sized companies to lease the equipment they need, instead of purchasing them and tying up their valuable capital resources. Our main focus is on making positive and long lasting relationships and we treat each and every one of them with the highest regard whether they are with our specialist reseller partners or our direct customers. We are aware that each of our partners and customers have unique challenges and therefore have developed solutions to meet these challenges with expertise, dedication, transparency, integrity and sincerity. Finance Mac, iPhone, iPad, software, accessories and more for your business and choose from two convenient payment options to suit any budget.

What we do


If you want the latest equipment now, with the option to upgrade every few years, a Fair Market Value Lease is probably the right choice for you. At the end of your lease, you can return the equipment to Apple and get new equipment, or you can buy the leased equipment at its then‑current fair market value.


We can also buyback your old devices. Simply tell us about your device and get an instant estimate from us. If your Mac or mobile device is in good condition you can trade it with us. Give your employees the devices they really want, quickly and efficiently, and with total predictability.